Reference Projects ALANOVA

Fields of Action

  • Urban, Environmental and Transport Technologies
  • Information Society
  • Sustainability and Resource Management
  • Urban Planning and Regional Development
  • Geographic Information Technologies and Spatial Scientific Management, GIS


  AccessibleMap Inclusive design of web-based maps


AIRCLIP collected, analyzed and documented best practices associated with about 200 environmental measures for the reduction of CO2 emissions at and around 60 international airports
→ finished project

 Airport Cities

Development of Airport Citis in europe/world
→ finished project

AmauroMap Interactive digital map for blind or visually impaired people
→ finished project

  ARGUS satellite-based navigation terminal for people with impaired visually capabilities, guiding them along pre-defined tracks using acoustic and haptic signals.

Assessing Territorial Attractiveness in South East Europe
 Bus Stop 3.0

bus stops of the future
→ finished project

CentropeMAP Online portal for statistic data and geodatasets from four countries

 Digital Cities

Initative to strengthen the economy of Schwechat through the supply of wireless internet access throughout the community
→ finished project


Information of the public sector
→ finished project

  HLANDATA Harmonisation of Land Use and Land Cover Data

measures and steps for technology based instruments and methods in urban and transport planning
→ finished project

 ISCOPEAn open platform that develops three ‘smart city’ services: improved inclusion, optimization of energy consumption, environmental monitoring

Planning, experience and expertise
→ finished project

 LIMESLarge Scale Innovative and Mobile European Services for Culture Tourism in Rural Areas

Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate
→ finished project


Supporting the development and deployment of advanced metering infrastructures in Europe

harmonisation of spatial planning data according to the INSPIRE directive
→ finished project

 PUMASPlanning Sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space




International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society

European Standards for Vocational Training in Urban Regeneration

Strategic Territorial Agendas for "Small and Middle-Sized Towns" Urban Systems

Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency

Transport infrastructure for a general, transport comprehensive and location-based travel information system