Bus Stop 3.0

“Bus Stop 3.0” represents the future of public transportation stops serving as multi-functional centers for innovative urban and regional development. This project examines demands and challenges related to the expansion of functions of a bus stop in order to integrate it as a meeting place for social interaction in its environment and thereby improve the use of public transportation. "Bus Stop 3.0" is analysing technical specifications and wishes to upgrade plain bus stops to local and regional communication centres. The research is conducted within the framework of a Living Lab in the city of Schwechat where various scenarios will be developed.

The project "Bus Stop 3.0 – bus stops of the future" is part of the research programme "ways2go", conducted and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) as the programme owner and the Austrian Research Promotional Agency (FFG) the programme management.

The goal of "ways2go" is encouraging innovative technological developments in passenger transportation.

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