The harmonisation of spatial planning data according to the INSPIRE directive based on the existing best practices in EU regions and municipalities and the results of current research projects is the main focus of the eContentplus project Plan4all. The expected results are European forums for SDI in spatial planning, a database of best practices and analysis of best practices in terms of organisation, sharing, harmonisation and SDI recommendations for spatial planning. The whole sector should profit from the availability of understandable and more transparent planning information across Europe. Although there are basically the same ideas and concepts behind urban and spatial planning across Europe, the legal situation is completely fragmented. Current planning laws are disjointed and even experts from one country might have difficulties to understand the planning regulations of a neighbouring country. For investors and decision makers it is almost impossible to compare planning regulations across Europe. Plan4all will significantly contribute to improve this situation.

The Plan4all book summarises the work and achievements, mainly on the basis of the idea that the achieved results about spatial planning interoperability should be spread among the wider communities at EU and international level as well. The book can be downloaded below.

Finished Project (2009-2012)


Download Plan4all book

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The Plan4all consortium consists of 24 partners from 15 European countries.

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