AAL Living Lab Schwechat

CEIT RALTEC is the main actor of the AAL Living Lab
...a whole city
The city of Schwechat is committed to act as "Living Lab", an innovative community open to explore possibilities brought on by new technologies.
Local authorities, social care providers, elderly persons, caregivers, research entities and companies are cooperating closely in order to invent, discuss, explore, implement, and evaluate new technologies supporting the quality of life and the independent living of senior citizens.
Whereas especially the sponsorship of the municipality of Schwechat enables CEIT RALTEC to excercise this approach.

We involve elderly persons and caregivers in our research activities based on a particapatory design approach and strict ethical guidlenes that protect the integrity of vulnerable persons.

Our user centric approach ensures that the technical development is in line with with the actual needs and wishes of the users.



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together with Living Lab partner "senior's centre Schwechat" an AAL demo apartment is operated:
- consultancy for end users
- demonstration of AAL-projects
- test bed for AAL-solutions
- training and education